Hello all,
This is just a quick message from myself to say thank you to all the Thrylos World followers.
As this year passes it sees the end of the second year of the Twitter feed, but, more importantly, the first year of the blog.

I have just received my first annual report. It was a pleasing read, the first year was far more successful than I envisaged.

The most popular article (in terms of number of views) of the year was one of October’s offerings, “The rebirth of Jimmy Durmaz – From sidelines to MVP contender”. A personal highlight of the year was when the player himself ‘liked’ the article on Twitter!

I am proud to see that my blog was read in 34 countries across the world. This is staggering, and shows the international appeal that this great club has. I never dreamt that this blog would reach out so far, so I am extremely grateful to each and every one of you readers.

Pleased continue to follow Thrylos World in the coming year, I will continue to keep you informed with all the goings on at the club.

It is hoped that towards the end of the next year that Thrylos World will be able to break away and launch as its own stand alone website. In the meantime, Thrylos World will continue to be delivered through the current, and certainly adequate, means of WordPress.

So finally, thank you all again. For those of you that celebrate it, I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2016!